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24 Dec 2008

Satyam Computers gets Punishment from World bank

I think it is good that Satyam is being punished all over the world and latest punishment inflicted on it is by World Bank which has confirmed that it declared Satyam ineligible to receive direct contracts from the World bank under its corporate procurement program for a period of eight years. Thus Satyam computers is getting a taste of its ill doings and the financial damamge it has done to the ination is unpardonable as we as a nation have lost face because a single manipulative action by Satyam has led to the decline of a super duper company and same is just because of family ties to save Maytas Infra. As a strategy one has to be careful with investments in Satyam as stock can touch double digit mark which will be a last nail in its coffin. The management must be brought to book because they have led to loss of Rs 10000 crore share holder value.

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