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5 May 2011

US and Pak Relationship Post Osama Action in Pakistan

The commando raid on 02 May 2011 on bin Laden's comfortable house deep inside Pakistan exposes a stark truth that Pakistan is sheltering the terrorism and is in a state where it itself can not control the terrorism and requires the help of an outsider to get rid of the rot if truly want s to get itself on the global map as a financial economy. It is a blatant truth that Pakistani officials tolerated or helped the biggest-ever mass murderer of Americans or were so inept that he lived for years right under their noses.

 Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton  while speaking on US - Pak relationships stated and we quote "It is not always an easy relationship, but it is useful for both countries. We are going to continue to cooperate between our governments, our militaries, our law enforcement agencies," .

Shamefaced Pakistani authorities say it is the latter, but some in Congress are already clamoring to cut or eliminate the nearly $1.3 billion in annual aid to Pakistan. And the Obama administration may be tempted to opt for more go-it-alone operations.

Now it needs to be seen if US comes down heavily on Pakistan or again becomes friends as US still has interests in Afghanistan. Nonetheless a weak conomy like Pakistan is not in the interest of India as a nuclear bomb falling in the hands of Jihadis can wreak havoc. Are we ready for it? we only hope that good sense prevails and Pakistan wakes from tis deep slumber and get going against the terrorism before the whole nation gets declared as a terrorist state as ISI is already considered a terrrorist organisation as per the wikileak files.

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